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Why we only use RED cameras:

For flexibility in any situation, GEMINI is RED’s highest sensitivity sensor to date and offers significantly increased performance in low-light settings and improved performance in shadows.

In the spirit of efficiency, this camera allows us to capture horizontal video with enough resolution to also crop in for vertical video as well. This is crucial to save time and also take full advantage of Instagram/Facebook stories for uploads. The 5K resolution will allow us to pull high resolution images from videos captured to upload to all accounts in between video posts to provide consistent content uploads.

We’re in a different climate every week. Sometimes on the track, we’re filming in upwards of 100 degrees. Other times, we’re in the mountains filming below freezing. Not once have on of these cameras failed or presented us with any difficulties in any way. Their reliability translates to you, the client, through consistent video without having to slow down because of camera difficulties. That makes us more happy than I can describe!


Below is a video by Mark Toia demonstrating his love for these cameras. His passion is contagious to say the least!